• I Am __



    The words you speak to yourself shape your self-perception. Your self-perception shapes your actions. Your actions shape your life. So the words you speak to yourself form the foundation of your life.

    Are the words you speak to yourself death that result from fears, past mistakes, old wounds? Or, are they life—the truth spoken to you by your Maker? God has told us the truth about who we are. Liberating truth that will set you free.

    Are you ready? Ready to break the chains gripping your soul? This one’s for you—33 days of raw, honest truth about who you are, what’s been done for you, and where He wants to take you.

    Internationally acclaimed author, Chris Stefanick is inviting you on a journey to: discover your real identity in Christ, to rewrite your name written by Love on the Cross, and reroute your life to freedom that only He can give.

    What do you have to lose?

  • The 7 Habits of Modern Day Apostles
    God is calling you to be a bold, contagious Catholic in your everyday life.
    Here's how.

  • Go crawfishing, hang-gliding, cheesemaking, surfing, and more as Host Chris Stefanick takes you around the world—diving into the lives of real life Catholics. But unlike other reality TV that stops just when things get meaningful, Real Life Catholic is a soul stirring journey that shows how amazing Faith makes everyday life. A fun escape that’ll inspire you to live everyday life with more faith, hope, and love.

    Watch the episode trailers here.

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  • Priest, Prophet, and King - 10 Pack


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    This holy season, change someone’s life with this life-changing CD!

    When a Catholic Christian is baptized, the priest or deacon anoints him as a priest, prophet, and king.
    Did you know that you have a priestly, prophetic, and royal status? You do!
    When Jesus DIED and ROSE his plan wasn’t just to redeem us from sin. That was just the start. He died and rose to raise us up to new life, and to share his holy office with us. But this mind blowing dignity isn’t just theoretical. It’s an identity we need to live out in our lives every day.
    In this highly engaging 30-minute talk, Chris reminds us of who we are and how to live it.

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  • Joy to the World

    We’re all looking for “something more.” What if I told you it’s within your grasp? The message of the Gospel is the love we’re made for, the glory we’re destined for, and the hope we’re longing for.

    That’s what Christmas is all about. It’s what Christianity is all about. It’s what LIFE is all about!

    The brief, accessible meditations in this book will not only help you dive fully into the Christmas season, it will help you live out the best news ever, every day.

    We priced this to motivate you to share the BEST NEWS EVER with EVERYONE YOU KNOW this Christmas! Order a pack of 10 books and save 80% per copy.

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    10 books = $20 ($2 per copy!)

  • The Gospel - 10 Pack

  • Priest. Prophet. King. MP3

  • The Gospel MP3

  • The New Sexual Revolution: How to Form Pure Teens

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