A Bowl of Soup

One of the dumbest decisions in all of history is found in the Bible. Isaac had two sons: Jacob and Esau. The firstborn, Esau, is the one who had the majority of his father’s inheritance coming to him, as well as the honor and title of being the firstborn, which was a very big deal in Old Testament days. 

In Genesis 25, when Esau got back from a hunting trip, he was so hungry that he traded his inheritance to his younger brother, Jacob, for a bowl of lentil soup. Crazy, huh!? Can you imagine trading so much for something so small!? Well…think of all the vices in your own life – and all that you’ve traded in for your sin. Think of all the times you’ve chosen comfort instead of heroism, passing pleasure instead of eternal joy, and sin instead of sainthood.

When you consider your sins in light of the big picture, wow…we must look crazy to the angels and saints sometimes!

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