A Life-Changing​ Sunrise

I woke up early the other day, grabbed my coffee, and decided to watch a daily show that I usually miss: the sunrise! When I looked outside, my yard seemed eerie. It looked like it was covered in a dark, murky fog. I even thought I saw a coyote! 

The sunrise had this moment that was like a switch. As it rose above the horizon, light flooded my yard. Turns out there was no fog, just a little mist, and that coyote was a small bush. It was a clear, beautiful morning, filled with birds singing.

Everything looks different. Instantly. The resurrection was like that too. Jesus’ followers went from living under the fog of the worst event imaginable to being swept off their feet by the best news in history. Instantly. St. Paul, reflecting on his life, said that if Jesus had not risen, he’d be the most pathetic of men! He saw his whole life in light of the best news in history.

Do you?

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