A New Name

The woman caught in adultery felt worthless. But she found a new identity the moment Jesus stood between her and her executioners.

“Let anyone without sin cast the first stone!” One by one they walked away.

“Is there anyone left who condemns you? Neither do I. Go, and sin no more.”

Peter felt unworthy when he first met Jesus. He fell to his knees and said “Depart from me, Lord. I’m a sinful man.” But Jesus saw something more in Peter than he saw in himself. He called him to follow him and become a fisher of men. 

St. Paul was a persecutor of Christians. In one of the simplest, most heroic acts in early Christian history, Ananias, who had been hiding from Paul, went to pray over him. He didn’t say “Saul, you murderer.” He said, “Saul MY BROTHER. Our Lord sent me.”

Forgiven. Fisher of Men. Brother. Have you defined yourself in light of your sin or weakness? Jesus is reaching out to you, now. Calling you by a new name. Forgiven. Called. Loved.

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