A Radical Love

The central claim of Christianity is that God became a baby and was born two millennia ago – and gave his life to save us. That’s the most radical claim of any faith in history!

At first glance, it seems absurd for God to do such a thing. And it would be absurd if God were into power and glory like us. But when God revealed himself, he showed us that he’s more than we could have hoped for. He revealed that he is LOVE. And if God is love – then the God made flesh makes perfect sense. 

LOVE would do nothing less than enter frail humanity, as one of us. Sure, he could have come on the clouds in power. But he didn’t come to wow us. He came to woo us. He didn’t come looking for our submission. He came looking for our hearts. And when you think about it, can you imagine God being anything less radical, less absurd, or less beautiful than the LOVE the at Christians claim he is?

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