A Voice That Builds Us Up

When the Apostles saw Jesus walking on water, they were terrified. In all fairness, I think we all might be! They thought it was a ghost and Peter blurted out, “If it’s you, tell me to come to you.” 

On one hand, he was looking for a miracle. But I think Peter was also looking for something else to prove that it was the Lord. There was something about Jesus’ words in that moment that may have been unlike any other voice in Peter’s life. Peter didn’t just believe in Jesus; Jesus believed in him. At his first encounter with Jesus, Peter said, “Depart from me, I’m a sinner”, and he heard the unthinkable, “Come, follow me, you’ll be a fisher of men.” In other words, “I see more in you than you see in yourself, Peter.” So when he heard, “Come…walk on the water.” Peter knew who it was.

Jesus is the voice that wants to empower you and build you up. He believes in you. His voices is loving. His voice says, “Come. I love you. Walk on water.”

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