A War of Words

Jesus called the Holy Spirit “the Advocate.” An advocate is one who builds you up. He’s got your back, and he’ll go to bat for you. The opposite of an advocate is an accuser. Revelation calls the devil “the accuser.” An accuser deflates you, and rips you down.

You are in the midst of an epic spiritual war between The Advocate and The Accuser. The battle front is your mind.

Have you been listening to The Accuser who tells you you’re broken and can’t be fixed? Your marriage isn’t worth fighting for, you don’t matter, and the whole story of your life is defined by the worst page?

The Advocate wants you to face today with the confidence and security that comes from knowing you’re a beloved child of God, who has your best interest in mind, and who has destined you for eternal glory.

Which voice will you listen to? Whose side are you going to be on today?

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