Ask Big

We pray too small. “Lord, help me to just hang on today.” “Help me not crumble under the pressures of life.” Is that all you think God’s capable of?

Friends, we don’t have a God of “just getting by.” We have a God who promises “life to the full.” We don’t have a God who sometimes helps his people out. We have a God who splits seas, conquers death, moves hearts, and makes heroes.

Don’t just ask God to help your marriage. Ask him to help you to sweep your wife off her feet again. Don’t ask him to help you stay strong under peer pressure. Ask him to make you a blazing light, shining for everyone you meet. Don’t ask him for a drop of water. Ask for rivers of living water to flow from within you to a thirsty world. Live meekly, but pray big! Our God is mighty, and we are his children.

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