Be a Blessing

As you read this, I have a challenge for you. Help the people around you know you’re grateful for them. Help them feel loved, valued, appreciated. The power to be a blessing like that starts with prayer.

The other day I woke up tired, stressed, and distracted by work. I wasn’t cued up to be a blessing, but a drain on the people around me. So I stopped, and I spent a few minutes in prayer just thanking God for each member of my family by name and it instantly reoriented me.

It’s just so easy to go through the day treating people like you’re taking them for granted. When you are, get intentional about treating your greatest gifts from God, those people around you every day, like they’re gifts! When we’re intentional about that, it creates an atmosphere where people feel safe and loved, and where the family starts to feel a little like Heaven on Earth. As the ancient chant says, “Ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est.” (“Where charity and love are, God is there.”)

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