Be a Thermostat, Not a Thermometer

There’s a great saying that we should be a thermostat and not a thermometer. A thermometer reads the temperature of the room and responds to it. A thermostat sets the temperature of that room.

You’re going to walk into lots of rooms today: lots of situations and scenarios in your life. Are you responding to everybody else around you or are you setting the spiritual temperature? Do you find yourself constantly responding to how your kids are acting? Or are you setting the tone for your household? Are you basing the kind of spouse you are on how good your husband or wife’s mood is today? Are you responsive to the virtue or lack thereof in your workplace, and letting THAT determine how you interact with the people around you? 

If we do this, we will never make a difference in our communities. As believers we are called to be different. It’s our responsibility to act in such a way that people wonder what it is about us that makes us so joyful. 

Start being responsive to God. Keep the person that he is calling you to be today front and center. If you’re true to that, even if you’re quiet, whatever room you enter, a wave of grace will follow.

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