Be the Friend You Wish You Had

I don’t think men have ever been as lonely as they are today. It’s easy to get depressed about it.

“Where are the kind of guys I hung out with in college? Everyone’s too busy. No one makes time for one another. Workplaces and neighborhoods are too transient to form meaningful connections.” Maybe that’s all true. But if you really want to know what the problem is, look in the mirror.

Instead of complaining, you need to become the change you want to see in the world, by becoming the kind of friend you wish you had. Think of the qualities of your ideal friend. Seriously! Think of a list of what that person would be like. Now go BE that friend to someone! “But to whom? This person has this flaw. That person has that flaw.”

Well, so do you! Be the friend you wish you had you’ll form the friendships you’ve been missing. The world is a lonely place. You have the power to fix that.

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