Breaking the illusion

It’s funny how we presume that all the systems that provided for us are always going to be there. A time like this pandemic causes us realize what my friends in Haiti grow up face-to-face with all the time; that there’s only a paper-thin division between all of us and real want and need. It’s forcing us on a gut level to realize that the illusion that everything is going to be constantly fine is really that: an illusion. 

You know that moment when you realize it: Wow, where’s the toilet paper? That hits us on a profound level psychologically, but it also causes us to go deeper. Where do you derive your peace from? Do you derive it from the systems all being in place and the food supply chain and toilet paper chain and everything being just right, or are you a child of God? Do you know how to be still and rest in His presence, and that even in difficult times He’s there? 

He’s there. He’s our ultimate supply.

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