Bring a Spirit of Gratitude

Everyone has to work through mounds of mundane stuff every day. Even the pope has to rubber stam a stack of papers today. The question is, “What spirit do you bring to that stuff?” I was folding laundry the other day for 6 kids. The mound was huge. And I was starting to get a terrible attitude because that’s not how I wanted to spend my time. 

In that moment, I remembered a guy who reached out to our ministry, anonymously, through email. He was in a different continent. He said, “Can someone come visit me? I’m ill. I’m so lonely. I have no friends. No family.” He was just reaching out to the internet in desperation. And I almost started crying as I folded each shirt realizing the blessings that were in front of me. “Thank you God for the kid who wears this shirt…the wife who wears that dress.” 

If you have work today, give thanks. If you have people you love who you’re working for, give more thanks. It doesn’t change that doing laundry might not be your favorite job, but it can change your state of mind! Choose gratitude. 

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