Change YOU

Sometimes God doesn’t change your problems because he’s trying to use your problems to change you! 

Maybe he doesn’t remove the obstacles to your goals because he loves you too much to give you what you want. Maybe nothing’s working as YOU planned because God doesn’t like your plan. I’ve prayed many times, “Ok Lord I give up.” To which I can almost hear him reply, “FINALLY! I’ve been trying to get you to do that for so long.”

We tend to blame our problems on everyone else. It’s our boss. The weather. Our spouse. The car payment. I rarely hear people say, “I think I’m the problem.” 

So I want to propose this to you. Maybe, just maybe, the main thing standing between you and your peace of mind – is you. How far does God have to push for you to say, “Ok Lord, I give up. Let’s try things your way. Change ME.”

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