Don’t Wait for Your To-do List to Get Done

In the middle of the workday, I often go to the gym and I get a quick workout in. Self-care helps keep me awake and alive so that I can do everything else that I’m taking care of without burning out. That whole “self-care thing”—whether working out, reading a book, or saying your prayers—is a necessary part of life.

It’s just like caring for your relationship with God. We can’t save our time with God for when the to-do list is finished. Your to-do list will never be finished. There’s always more to do. There’s always more dirt on the floor for you to sweep, but you have to make a habit of putting things aside and taking care of yourself and your relationship with God. Your kids, your spouse, the people you work with—they don’t need a burnt-out you. That version of you won’t do any good for anybody. You’ve got to spend a little time taking care of yourself. 

Whether it’s 5 minutes, or an hour, set time aside to take care of yourself and your relationship with God! Make it a priority. Don’t wait for your list to be done until you get to you.

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