Enjoy the Ride

Toddlers are utterly free. Sometimes, maybe too free. In the quiet moments after communion the other day, my 3-year-old repeatedly shouted, “I tooted!” 

They don’t care what people think of them. They actually don’t really worry about anything. “Who’s going to pay the bills? Where is my next meal coming from?” They get in their car seats without asking, “Where are we going?” They fall asleep in those car seats and wake up somewhere else and never wonder, “What happened last night?” That’s because they know they have a father and a mother who love them and look out for them. They’re free to enjoy the ride.

As we get older, we have responsibilities and stresses that pile up on us. But it’s important to remember that we still have a heavenly Father who loves us. And no matter how crazy things get, He’s looking out for us. And from an eternal perspective, everything’s going to be fine.

Do you know what that means? It means we can enjoy the ride.

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