Every Life Matters

I’ll never forget a conversation I had with a guy at a pub. He learned that I did ministry, so he pushed the conversation from faith, to politics, to abortion. It took a sad turn when he said, “I think my mom should have aborted me.” Hearing that changed how I think about the abortion debate. How can you convince someone who doesn’t think his own life has value that he should care about the life of a fetus? You can’t.

Abortion won’t become illegal until it becomes unthinkable, and it won’t become unthinkable until we remember the value of human life again. Being “prolife” isn’t some isolated political cause, and it isn’t about being against a women’s rights. It’s being for a society based on the idea that every life deserves to be welcomed because every life is beautiful.

That’s why the Gospel is the only answer in the end. That’s where we learn that every life is of infinite worth. Because God found every life worth dying for.

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