Face First

The world record ski jump is 825 feet. Face first! With skis on! No matter how hard he trained, that skier still had to decide to take a risk. And he knew he’d either win, or learn. 

We all face those moments in everyday life. There are times we need to take risks to get to the next level in a job, in a relationship, or in faith. I’ve been in over my head countless times and so often I have to fight that inner voice that says, “Are you crazy? You’re not qualified. What if you make a fool of yourself!? What if you FAIL?”

So, here’s the secret for pushing past that: I don’t have self-confidence. I have God confidence. The only thing that enables me to take risks is when I get into the mindset that God will equip me, and God will guide me. If he has called, he will equip and I can trust that he has my best interest in mind. Even if I fail, the only thing that matters is my faithfullness to God! And when I keep that in mind, I’m ready to jump! Not because I know I’ll land or I’ll succeed. But because I know I’m loved either way.

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