Go to Your God Space

I had a moment of overwhelming peace the other day, where I felt God’s presence very powerfully. That’s something called “spiritual consolation.” In those moments, God makes it easy for you to have the right perspective on life. 

But, the next day was rough. I was hit with some really hard news that turned me upside-down. And you know what I did? I remembered that moment from the day before and I chose to dwell in that peace again. 

God doesn’t just give us moments of spiritual consolation so we can just remember them and long for them. He gives us those moments so we can re-call them into the present. In a marriage, that time you met and fell in love isn’t something for the past. They’re sweet memories that feed the whole marriage. So it is with God.

In hard times re-call what he’s shown you in the blessed times. Don’t just go to your happy place! Go to your God space. And you’ll find the right perspective again.

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