Hop Off​ The Crazy Train

Have you seen the movie Inside Out? In it, Joy and Sadness get trapped in long term memory and they are trying to escape to get back to headquarters when they see the “Train of Thought” that runs right back to HQ! 

Trains of thought. What a perfect phrase for what happens in our heads. You can’t stop a train, but you can decide if you’re going to get on or off. All too often our trains of thought are negative. Call it evolution. I think the cavemen who got really upset when they were almost eaten by a tiger and kept thinking about it all day, were more likely to survive than the cavemen who were really good at smelling the flowers. But either way, when you find yourself on a negative thought train do yourself a favor and get off. 

You don’t have to trust all your strongest feelings and darkest ideas! Do you really think you’re going to find the answer to your problems by exploring every car on that noisy train? You won’t.

Let it go. Chose silence. We have a God who speaks in the whispering wind and who leads us in silence. And who has called himself the “prince of peace.”

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