I’m Not Worthy

In my book, I AM, I talk about stopping negative, self-defeating self-talk, and replacing it with the life-giving, uplifting words God says about you. After all, you’re his child, who he found worth dying for, and who he destined for eternal glory.

One obstacle I’ve encountered from Church-going folks to this book is the idea that God actually wants us to beat ourselves up. They think it’s holy to put themselves down and say, “Oh, I’m just dirt, I’m nothing.” After all, at every Mass we say, “Lord, I’m not worthy that You should enter under my roof.”

That’s true, but you need to remember what happens within moments of you saying that: the God of the universe comes to YOU in Holy Communion! God replies, “I declare you worthy. Not because you have it all together, but because you’re mine.” Recognizing that we aren’t worthy isn’t where we are supposed to live. We get to live in communion with Jesus, and in the grace and hope in his resurrection that even when we don’t think we’re worthy, he calls us worthy. 

True humility is reality, friends. And the reality is that you need to start living, thinking, and carrying yourself like you have royal blood, because, deserve it or not, it’s true.

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