Keep the balance

If you’ve ever read the book The Endurance, you know it’s a mind-blowing story. Shackleton brought a group of explorers and they were headed to the South Pole, but instead, they got stuck in the ice on the way there. Their boat was stuck in the ice for over 450 days before the ice was smashed, they got out in the ice, and they went to an island. It was an unbelievable journey that they all lived through. 

But here was something that’s key that we can learn from The Endurance for how we have to endure our current circumstances: They kept a schedule on the boat. They kept a balance of work and of play. A balance of social time, of getting outside – even on the polar ice – and a balance of being inside, working on things. You need to keep that balance right now. What drives us right now can’t necessarily be accomplishing all our to-do’s. The to-do list comes to an end at a certain time of the day. Then it’s time to play. Then it’s time to pray. Keep these things going. You’ll be amazed at how you can get through as you’re stuck in the ice pack on a boat with your family.

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