Let the Ego Go

When Jesus was fasting in the desert, the devil tempted him to turn a stone to bread, to become the king of the world, and to throw himself down from the temple and defy mortality. All that boiled down to a temptation to renounce his humanity, but Jesus chose hunger, powerlessness, and mortality.

We’re tempted, because of ego, to renounce our own humanity. The devil’s first temptation to Adam and Eve was “you will become like gods.” And often that’s what we want! We want to know more or have more control over our circumstances.

Ego can drive us to make a monument of accomplishments to ourselves. It drives us to earn more and more money because we think it’ll make us powerful. It drives us to obsess over the impact we make or how well-known we become because we think that’ll immortalize us.

But it’s all a waste! Check the ways that ego is driving your dreams. Ask God to change your heart and to let his will and his desires for you override your prideful desires.

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