Owning Your Reactions

Too often we let people’s actions determine our reactions, but that reality is that it only makes us unstable and miserable.

God is calling YOU to be a joyful person today. If you’re cut off on the freeway, wave – with all 5 of your fingers. God is calling you to be a witness. Even if that other driver isn’t.

If you have a kid who’s driving you crazy, do extra to show how much you love her. Because that’s the kind of parent you’re called to be.

No one else gets to dictate the kind of person you are except God. That’s not being a pushover. That’s power. It’s the kind of power Jesus showed us when he was tried and crucified, and still loved those who were killing him. Their actions didn’t determine his reactions. God is Love. He acted out of who HE is. Not who they were. That’s how we’re called to be.

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