Pack Up

Carmelite nuns get a call from their Mother Superior every June telling them where they’re going to be assigned that year. And even if they know they’re probably not going to be transferred, before that call they’re supposed to pack all their belongings and wait for the phone to ring. It’s an exercise in detachment from this world.

We all go through that in our own ways, don’t we? Maybe something becomes unstable in our current jobs, a new opportunity opens up, we have a financial crash that forces us to rebudget everything, we go on a job interview, or we get a call from a doctor with some disturbing news. Even if those experiences don’t pan out to be anything, and they usually don’t, don’t overlook their importance.

That’s God reminding you that, in the end, this world isn’t your home. If you’re too attached to the little comforts you surround yourself with, you won’t be available to his grace and his call in your life. Stay detached. Stay open. And life will remain an adventure.

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