Preach the Truth to Yourself

You have a voice in your head. “How did he know that?!” the voice just said. Because we all do. And the words that voice is speaking to you, they matter. They matter a lot.

Our words shape our self-perception. Our self-perception shapes our actions. Our actions shape our lives. Words are at the foundation of our whole lives.

The book of Revelations calls the devil, “the accuser of our brothers.” He wants to amplify the negative words in your head. God reveals the truth about who we are, but he didn’t do that so you’d wait for me to preach it to you. Preach it to yourself!

When the voice within says “I’m weak, used, and washed up. I’m not pretty enough, skinny enough, or smart enough. I’ll never be enough”, replace that with, “I am blessed. I am chosen. I am beautiful. I am a son or daughter of the king!” I don’t mean that figuratively, I mean it literally.

Look in a mirror and preach the truth to yourself.

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