Remember the Love Story

Marriage – if you forget the love story, what are you left with? Rules, regulations, obligations. You’re left with a really bad idea. But in the context of love all the sacrifices, rules, and regulations make perfect sense.

Faith is like that. Pope Francis said, “we are in the midst of a love story, and if we don’t understand that, we’ve understood nothing of what the Church is.” Much of the world perceive Catholicism as a list of rules, regulations, and rituals that have nothing to do with real life. And we wonder why they’re not interested?

The Catholic faith is a love story! We’re brought into the world through an act of love. All our lives we’re looking for love. But no love in this life fully satisfies. That’s because the God who is love made us for his love. And when we strayed from him – he died on a cross to save us. THAT’S what this is all about! That’s what the world needs to be reminded of, more than ever.

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