Resentment is Toxic

I know of a guy who had an aggressive form of stage 4 cancer. The prognosis wasn’t good. He actually threw a going away party to say goodbye to his friends. 

Through his journey of cancer, he did a lot of reflection about his life, and about the people he needed to forgive. And after a long process of letting all of his resentments go his cancer miraculously went away. The priest he was working with said this isn’t the first time he’s seen that happen!

Now, I’m not saying if you think positive thoughts all your diseases and pain will go away. But for some people, there’s such a poison from unforgiveness and resentment, that it literally eats away at you. It’s toxic.

Get rid of those toxins, and forgive. Let things go. Then God’s blessings and healing and peace are free to flow through you. That is the grace of God.

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