Run Toward the Sea

God might not always like to bless us with health, wealth, and prosperity, but one thing he seems to enjoy lavishing on us is opportunities for trust. He’s always been that way with the people he loves. He brings us into impossible situations so he can show us that HE is the Savior. He did that with Moses, “I know an army is behind you, Moses. I know there’s a sea in front of you. Just keep running toward it. I’m gonna do something really cool.”

Are you in an impossible situation right now? Is your marriage overwhelming? Finances on rocky ground? Your boss a jerk or friends failing you? When you’re at the end of your rope you’re at the beginning of God’s rope. Handle your problems with prayer.

We have a God who acts when we ask. And when we turn to him with trust, we’ll find that the greatest blessing he gives in our trials is a soul that walks through life with peace that surpasses understanding.

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