Saint or Silent?

Saint John the Baptist wasn’t killed because he refused to bow to some pagan God. Herod, who had John beheaded, didn’t care much about religion. Saint John ultimately lost his head because he wouldn’t keep quiet. And more specifically, he wouldn’t stop challenging Herod and his wife, to leave their sins of the flesh.

When we challenge people directly and clearly about sin, it can make them angry. When we simply call a sin what it is, it can make people angry. But sometimes that’s exactly what God is calling us to do and what love demands of us.

I’m not saying we’re supposed to challenge people all the time when we see them doing something immoral. Sometimes, silence is wise. Earning the right to be heard requires a relationship first. You need to earn the right to be heard, trusted, and confided in so that when the time comes where God is calling us to speak with clarity, it can be receiving with love. 

Prayerfully consider when it’s time to be silent or a saint so in love, you can communicate God’s heart to his people. 

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