Say Yes to Love

After dating Natalie for a while, there came a decisive moment where I took a knee, pulled out a ring, and asked her to marry me. Thankfully she said yes! And when she said “yes”, she said “yes” to everything. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful. 

You may have grown up going to church every week. But have you ever made a decision to say “yes” to all this?

We know the Eucharist is God’s saving love, but do we say yes to that love in our hearts? We know we’re forgiven in confession, but do we choose to forgive ourselves? We know that Jesus is Lord of the universe, but do we ask him to be Lord of our lives? Or do we just take this love by our side for granted, and go through the motions?

I want to invite you to make this your decisive moment! To say “yes” to God and ALL of God. Will you pray with me right now?  Lord Jesus, you are the love that I was born to find. You are here, offering ME your heart and asking for mine in return. You have given me the freedom to say no. I use my freedom to say yes. I surrender all I am to you. I renounce Satan, sin, the spirit of despair, and the idea that I am unlovable. I forgive others, and I forgive myself of my worst sin. And I ask you to forgive me and to forgive those who have hurt me.

You are Lord the Universe. Be Lord of my heart. I say yes to you.

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