Slow down

I want to share with you one particular way God is blessing me through this uncertain time of quarantine and coronavirus. We human beings tend to live in a constant forward motion, especially in the Western world. We presume everything is stable and secure, and we just go, go, go. And there’s a beauty about American culture that it embodies that ideal of going and conquering and moving. 

But the flip side of that forward motion is that we can overlook some of the most important things in life. And for me personally, this is a mandatory Sabbath that God is letting happen to the world right now, one in which we might be busy, yes, but it’s also an imposed time to sit down, shut up, and stop presuming that all your plans are gonna pan out exactly as you want. It mandates that we focus in the moment, and there’s an incredible grace in that. 

I’ve found myself taking walks with my kids every day. I didn’t do that before. But you know what, I want to learn from these times that when this is over and we’re looking back on it, I keep doing those things because this is the stuff that makes life beautiful. Don’t overlook it in this time.

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