Speak truth

Remember, friends: Saint Paul was in “quarantine”, too. He was under house arrest for two years. And you know what was crucial in impacting his attitude is how he perceived his own self in his circumstance. While awaiting his execution, he was writing things like, “In all these things, we are more than conquerors.” And why? Because of him who loved us. 

You see, as real as the struggle is that we’re in right now in this coronavirus crisis, there’s something more real: The gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s the eternal destiny waiting for all of us, no matter what happens, when we live and die in Him.

This is the reality that we have to keep our hearts and minds set on in the midst of all these things. I went to the grocery store the other day and saw everything cleared out. I felt hit in the gut, and why? Because of how I was perceiving myself in the midst of what’s happening? “I’m abandoned”. “I’m reliant on the system to keep me provided for”. In that moment, I reversed my thinking, countered that lie and said, “No, no no. I’m loved by Jesus Christ in the midst of this. And in the midst of this, right now, I’m more than a conqueror in Him.” Speak truth to yourself about who you are.

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