The Blessing of Ritual

Do you ever have those days where you aren’t motivated? Your heart is telling you to pray, but your head is saying you’re too tired. Your heart is telling you to sing a song of praise, but your head is saying you’re too bitter about your circumstances. 

One thing Catholics are most criticized for is that our prayer can become ritualistic. But I believe that ritual is one of the greatest things about Catholicism. We have all had days and moments where our heart and head aren’t in agreement. Ritual helps move us into alignment. Ritual gets us to show up, and allows God to do the rest. 

Sometimes we just need to get our lips moving so we can hear the truth God has for us and begin to let it transform us in the moments where we are struggling to believe it. Even if your heart is weak and your mind is distracted, God knows how to do his part and he will!

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