The Love You Were Made For

Some claim that since Jesus never talked about homosexual activity, he must have been okay with it. Well, he never mentioned poking your neighbor in the eye. That doesn’t mean he was okay with it! 

Jesus overturned ritual laws of the Old Testament, but when it came to moral laws, he raised the bar. So it’s safe to say that he wouldn’t condone homosexual activity.

So, where does that leave the 1.6% of people who identify as having same sex attraction? Are they called to a loveless life where they have to hate themselves? If that were true, I couldn’t blame people for thinking we’re bigots. But the truth is, a person’s attractions don’t define who they are, and physical intimacy is NOT the only way to experience love. And thanks to Catholic groups like Courage (check out, more and more people with same sex attraction are finding their real identity, and the love they were made for, in the Church.

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