Two Ways to Fix Your Eyes on Jesus

Life can throw some pretty terrifying experiences your way, but thus far, few things have been more terrifying for me that teaching my teenage daughter to drive. She has a tendency to focus her attention on the hood of the car thinking that by focusing on the car itself, she’ll keep it going in the right direction. But of course, as experienced drivers, we understand that is a recipe for an accident. 

You only get where you want to go by fixing your eyes far ahead of your car. Doing this actually helps you steer in the right direction. It’s the same with worship. We need a focal point that is far beyond ourselves to give us perspective, and to keep our lives heading in the right direction. That focal point is the majesty and greatness of God. There may still be bumps in the road, u-turns, and a couple flat tires…there’s just no way of avoiding that. But fixing our eyes on God will give us perspective, clarity, and keep us on track. 

Here’s two ways to keep your eyes ahead. 

  1. Worship – Try starting every day with a worship playlist, or picking a favorite song that will set your heart in a good place for the day. 
  2. Pray – There are many ways to pray and there’s no wrong way to do it either. Beginning your day with a prayer to sit in the presence of God and say thank you for another day can give you perspective. Taking a moment during lunch to ask for wisdom can bring you clarity in the midst of a rough day. Ending your day with a prayer releasing your worries can give you rest. 

“With firm purpose you maintain peace;
    in peace, because of our trust in you. Isaiah 26:3 

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