God has given YOU a name.

And that changes EVERYTHING.

Join me, Chris Stefanick, in my life-changing 30-day coaching program, based on my book I AM – REWRITE Your Name – REROUTE Your Life and live the life you were made for!

You were created to live LIFE TO THE FULL! 

God wants the best for his children, and through this course you can put away the shame, insecurity, and fear that is keeping you from living a life full of freedom, joy, and purpose. 

Learn how to rewire the way you talk to yourself and replace the negative self-talk with uplifting and powerful words from God.

Enrolling now.

Claim your I AM ______ today

Learn the seven lies you might be believing and how to replace those lies with truth.

Get practical tools and challenges to rewrite the script in your head.

Take ownership of your identity so you can quit relying on others to give you purpose.

Hear God’s truth about you so you can live a life in accordance with his calling for you.

Transform your life as you walk in the freedom of your true identity.

It’s time to claim your God-given identity and reroute your life for eternal glory.

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