Programs for Parishes


Host an Event

Hosting a Real Life Catholic event means creating an opportunity to ignite a new passion and resolve in the hearts and minds of everyone who attends your parish. 

Lent: I AM

A new online video coaching series that will help you refocus on your identity in Christ as you journey through the Lenten sacrifice. Transform your life this Lent as you rediscover the truth about who God says you are.

Chosen Confirmation


The Starter Pack provides all six resources a leader needs for the Chosen experience! It contains one copy of the brand-new Chosen Director’s Manual, one DVD Set, one Leader’s Guide, one Student Workbook, one Sponsor’s Guide, and one Parent’s Guide.

RISE Challenge

In its first year, RISE has transformed thousands of men’s lives all around the world. Parishes and groups have used the RISE 30-Day Challenge to cast a wide-net to all the men of the parish and bring them together into a common mission like never before.

RISE: A 30 Day Challenge


Let Chris guide your entire parish team to a clear, actionable, and truly inspiring understanding of what it takes to recommit a parish’s efforts to this core mission of evangelization


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