Four Reasons to Try REBOOT in Your Parish


Hosting a Real Life Catholic event means creating an opportunity to ignite a new passion and resolve in the hearts and minds of everyone who attends.

1. Coaching for Success
We coach you for success. Our event team is dedicated to working with you for 6-months before your event, providing you a proven promotional plan and all the marketing materials you will need to fill your parish. The smallest of parishes who follow our model have attracted 1,000 attendees, many of whom aren’t church “regulars.”
2. World Class Training
It’s more than a flash in the pan. We provide world-class training for your Outreach Teams who will be equipped for outreach and evangelization in your community long after our event is over.
3. Top Presenters
World class presenters and organizers. Chris Stefanick is one of the most effective evangelists of our time.
4. Zero Cost to the Parish
ZERO cost to your parish. The event is ticketed, which, contrary to being an “obstacle,” we’ve found consistently triples attendance above non-ticketed events. (Proceeds go to Real Life Catholic’s 501(c)3 work in evangelization, not to our speakers and musicians.)
5. An Investment in Your Parish
We invest in your parish! All told, Real Life Catholic invests over $15,000 in your parish for Reboot! Live!

Host a REBOOT Event

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