Why Small Groups?

Love. Purpose. Meaning. Belonging and being deeply connected…we all need these things. With them, our ordinary lives are transformed into extraordinary Christian lives.

Connecting with a small group of friends about faith matters is an amazing way to really immerse yourself in your faith with the personal attention, encouragement, prayerful support, and accountability you need for sustained spiritual growth.

Discover the power of real life change.

Discover the life you were made for.

Small groups aren't just beneficial, they're biblical. From Moses (Exodus 18:13-26), to the Apostles (Acts 2:42), meeting together in small groups encourages us in the faith (Hebrews 10:25).

Hosting a Small Group of friends
is as easy as 1-2-3!


Personally invite a couple friends to join your group.

Text them, send out an email, make a phone call, create a post on social media, or print a good old fashioned invitation.


...when and where you want to meet.

A home, coffee shop, park, or even a video...any place where you can have good conversation. We recommend meeting at least monthly. Weekly is even better!


If you're feeling led to host your own study and discuss some material, great! Of course, also feel free to follow the prayer and reflection points provided in our small group resources below.

Small Groups
Resource Library

When the engaged invite on-the-fence friends and family to make this journey with them, they experience the joy of accompaniment. And that joy is addictive. It’s time to wake the sleeping giant—the millions of engaged Catholics who want to share their faith but need a tool that makes it easy.

- Chris Stefanick


Small group Training
with chris stefanick

God wants to break into your life and enter your heart in a new way. Small groups are an amazing way for Him to do that. They’re an opportunity to gather in a smaller setting outside of Mass, and they give us an additional chance to get to know each other better and grow deeper in our faith. And in the end, they have the power to change lives! To change your life. And to change the lives of people you invite who may be on the fence with their faith. (The Mass wasn’t invented to be an evangelistic tool, or the “front door” to Christianity. But your group of friends IS! Remember, as I often say “friendship is the ordinary forum for evangelization!”) Small groups come in all shapes and sizes – men’s groups, women’s groups, married groups, single groups, moms groups, hiking groups, groups by location, or, really, anything else you can dream up. You don’t have to be a theologian, priest, or even a teacher to create authentic and meaningful community in a small group. God uses all of us when we’re willing! I urge you to have the courage and humility to start – or join – your own small group.

Some pastors, historically, have tried to build up their parish by instituting all kinds of small groups - and the parish is seen as a combination of all these small groups - but that generally doesn't work...because the pastor is the one who put those groups together rather than the people creating the groups themselves, out of more natural friendships. They're artificial groups rather than real groups. When small groups work in the Church they really are lay-based. And it's not just one person, but many laypeople, who create the same kind of environment for a parish community as among their families and friends.

- Archbishop Charles Chaput

We should try to imagine our parish not so much as a parish with small groups, but as a parish of small groups...a parish with a group for everyone, and everyone in a group.

- Chris Stefanick