The Truth About You
The Truth About You
The Truth About You

The Truth About You

Saved by Beauty
Saved by Beauty
Saved by Beauty

Saved by Beauty

Be Present
Be Present
Be Present

Be Present




Gratitude may not change your circumstances, but it does change you.


We need God and we need one another.

Fr. Capodanno

Fr. Capodanno, pray for us.

God is Real

Chris discusses the existence of God.

Death with Dignity

An inspirational message from a wife and a mother of four, living with advanced incurable kidney cancer.


One word sums up the priesthood: Love. Not the flawed love of human beings but the love that created space and time.

You’re Kind of a Big Deal

You're small in this world, but spiritually, you're MASSIVE! Can an ocean love, a mountain know, or a galaxy chose to change directions? No, but you can. And you'll still be around long after all this has passed.

What Moves You?

Promo video for Seek 2015! A short reflection on what moves your heart.


Faith isn't one of the many components of life. It has everything to do with the happiness we were made for. Jesus didn't come to take away our "fun." In his own words, "I have told you these things so that my joy may be in you, and your joy may be complete!" (John 15:11)


Catholics have risked their lives for thousands of years to be at Mass. For mere ritual? Nostalgia? Obligation? No. For the most intimate encounter we get with our Maker on this side of eternity, and to tap into the power we need to live the life we were made for.

Fr. Kapaun

When the story of human history comes to a close, death and violence don't get the final word. The love of God does. That love, burning bright in the heart of Fr. Emil Kapaun in the darkness of a POW camp in the Korean war, made him a hero.

Pope John Paul II

John Paul II, thank you for standing out like a light in the darkness of this generation, reminding us of who we are.
What Are You Looking for?
What Are You Looking For?
What Are You Looking For?

What Are You Looking For?

The Separation of Church and State

The "wall of separation between church and state" doesn't mean the public square should be free from the presence or influence of faith.

Where Are You Going?

Life doesn't end here. Thinking about eternity doesn't only help us end up where we'd want to be FOREVER, it helps us live life to the full HERE AND NOW.

Pro Life

Abortion is bad for women, bad for society, and ends a human life. When you think about it...if abortion isn't wrong, what is? Thankfully, the writing is on the wall...this is the generation that's going to end it.

Ocean of Mercy

Next to the ocean of God's mercy, your sin is a pebble. He died to free you from it. Let him.

Why does God Let us Suffer?

Pain and suffering are often peoples' biggest obstacle to faith. "If there is a God, why does he let us suffer?"

The Big Picture

Did pope Francis change the Church's teaching on abortion, gay marriage, contraception? No. But he IS reminding us of the big picture. The context of every Church teaching, in one word, is this: LOVE.

North American Martyrs

St. John De Brebeuf and The North American Martyrs, the "Founding Fathers" of Faith in North America show us how to win people for Jesus. It might not require our deaths, but it always costs our lives.

Christ the King

Jesus is a King. That means that life and faith aren't something we approach on our terms, but his. After all, he's the King and we're not. This is the solution to a relativist approach to faith that would make us "gods."

The Rock of St. Peter

Over 2,000 years ago, Jesus told St. Peter he was the rock on whom he was going to build His Church. What??? I'm a Rock???... You are going to build a Church on me??? What a startling...What an unusual statement. What could Jesus have possibly meant by it? In this impassioned apologetic, Popular Youth Evangelist, Chris Stefanick takes us inside the meaning of the famed words: "You are Peter, and on this rock I will build my Church (Matthew 16:18)."

Why Does the Church discriminate against gays?

The Catholic Church obliges all its members to follow the example of Jesus Christ by loving all men as He loved them --and gave his life for them. In this illuminating and frank discussion, Dynamic Chastity Speaker, Chris Stefanick explains why loving someone isn't the same as accepting behaviors contrary to divine and natural law.


Hater, Bigot, Close-Minded, Intolerant. All these words are used to describe people who believe in spiritual and moral absolute truth. But nothing could be further from the truth... Shot on location in Melbourne, Australia. PLEASE NOTE: "Enemies of the human race" quote is how Justice Scalia summed up Justice Kennedy's argument. It is not verbatim.

North American Martyrs

St. John De Brebeuf and The North American Martyrs, the "Founding Fathers" of Faith in North America show us how to win people for Jesus. It might not require our deaths, but it always costs our lives.

A Child is Born

The mighty God as a little baby?! That's the most absurd claim of any Faith in history. Yet, if God is love, nothing else would do.

How do we Know if He Really Rose?

"He is Risen. These three words change everything", according to Popular Youth Speaker, Chris Stefanick. In fact Stefanick, referencing St. Paul, claims the whole Catholic Faith hinges on this one core belief: that Jesus Christ Rose from the Dead! But how can we know for sure such a claim is true? Can we really, truly verify such an astounding statement?

Is it wrong for Catholics to drink alcohol?

If you think Christians can't drink, you better take a cue from the Original Catholic and founder of the Catholic Church: Jesus Christ. His first miracle wasn't changing water into grape juice or Red Bull, my friends; no it was changing water into wine! In this winsome and insightful reflection, Youth Evangelist Chris Stefanick explores the blessings of beer (and other alcoholic beverages) from a Catholic perspective. So if you're Catholic and of age (provided that you don't have an addiction, of course): Cheers to You! Have a Beer!

Why am I so in to this? (My Testimony)

Is Confusion your daily bread? Are you confused about what direction your life should take... or even about the meaning of life itself. Then you aren't too far from the place dynamic Youth Evangelist Chris Stefanick was in his own early teen years. But one weekend Chris experienced something at a Catholic Retreat: people full of light and life. He realized that everything he'd been living for was empty. Jesus didn't come to make us bored. He came so that we might have life and have it to the full (John 10:10). Find out just what that connection was, in this amazing conversion testimony of Youth Speaker Chris Stefanick. This may be the very talk that helps you clear away the confusion from your own life. Don't miss how highly sought-after Catholic Speaker, Chris Stefanick went from drinking shots of Jack Daniels to drinking in the light and life of Jesus Christ.

Why Condoms Aren't the Answer

From Manila in the Philippines, exciting Youth Evangelist Chris Stefanick examines the truth about condoms. Comparing the Philippines approach to the AIDS crisis with that of Thailand, Chris shows why condoms don't solve the problem. It's not just a matter of morality Catholic Speaker, Stefanick says, it's a matter of math --the numbers don't add up for condoms preventing AIDS or any other STD for that matter. If you think the Catholic Church puts dogma or doctrine before human lives, see why you are absolutely wrong. Watch this illuminating clip with fearless Evangelist, Chris Stefanick.

How do I Pray?

Does the idea of prayer overwhelm you? What is it? How do I do it? In this illuminating talk, Youth Speaker Chris Stefanick clears away the mystique that often surrounds the idea of prayer. Prayer is simply a conversation, Chris explains. Yes, you got it! Prayer is nothing more than a conversation between you and God. This dynamic apostle to the youth proves a great guide to introductory prayer for teens. He gives young people a host of simple reflections on the meaning of prayer. But not stopping there, he also gives great advice on how to pray. Chastity Speaker and Youth Evangelist Chris Stefanick will get your teens excited about making prayer and the Word of God part of their daily lives

Gotta Have Friends

We shouldn't take friendship for granted. It is a gift from God. This is the theme that runs through this engaging talk by Popular Youth and Chastity Speaker Chris Stefanick. In this brief clip, this insightful apostle to the youth also explores: the meaning of friendship, its relationship to the Blessed Trinity, its presence in the life of Jesus, and much more.