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What makes a REBOOT! different from other Parish Missions?

1. Coaching for Success
We coach you for success. Our event team is dedicated to working with you for 6-months before your event, providing you a proven promotional plan and all the marketing materials you will need to fill your parish. The smallest of parishes who follow our model have attracted 1,000 attendees, half of whom usually aren’t “regulars.”
2. World Class Training
It’s more than a flash in the pan. We provide world-class training for your Outreach Teams who will be equipped for outreach and evangelization in your community long after our event is over, AND we equip you to start a SMALL GROUP REVOLUTION at your parish. Imagine 1,000 people coming in the door, and, after the event, being left with 300 hundred small groups? It’s not a dream. That’s what we deliver.
3. Zero Cost to the Parish
ZERO cost to your parish. The event is ticketed, which, contrary to being an “obstacle,” we’ve found consistently triples attendance above non-ticketed events. (Proceeds go to Real Life Catholic’s 501(c)3 work in evangelization, not to our speakers.)

Host a REBOOT Event

REBOOT parish missions ignite a new passion and resolve in the hearts and minds of everyone who attends. Before completing the request form, please ask yourself these four questions:

1. Is your parish community committed to a revival?

2. Is your pastor on board?

3. With the accompaniment of a Real Life Catholic Reboot! Coach, are you committed to leading and forming a team of amazing outreach volunteers to both prepare for Reboot! AND keep the fire going after it happens?

4. Do you have access to a large venue, whether it’s your own parish, a neighboring one, or an event space (most Reboot events draw somewhere between 500-700 attendees)?

If you answered “yes” to all of the questions above, please continue on to fill out the Reboot! Request form below!

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