Defend Your Joy

Scripture says, “The joy of the Lord is my strength”. Joy is life-changing and life-giving. It helps us enjoy life and safeguards our energy. Joy is strength and that’s why the devil wants to rob us of our joy. He wants to sap our strength. He wants to steal that next great moment with your kids, and have you be focused on the mean stuff someone did to you at work instead. 

Have you ever thought about how easy it is to focus on something negative that happened to you, and difficult it is to focus on the positive? We never tend to obsess on positive interactions like, “Dang…I just can’t shake that guy who was kind enough to let me in front of him on the freeway!” You only get about 30,000 days on this Earth. Don’t ever give a whole day to being angry at someone else’s bad behavior. No one’s worth that.

As Saint Theresa of Avila said, “Let nothing disturb you.” Let the joy of the Lord be your strength today and every day.

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