Don’t Complicate It

Sometimes Christians discern themselves into paralysis. Does God want me to be a priest or get married? Play piano or violin? Date this person or that person? Pepperoni pizza or sausage?

St. Augustine saw things more simply. He said “Love God and then do what you want.” Why? Because if we love God, our hearts will naturally want what He wants for us. God reveals His will through our own heart’s longings, our gifts and talents, the input of others, and the ordinary events of our everyday lives. And while He can break through and speak to us in miraculous ways, even Teresa of Avila who had visions said to never go into prayer without spiritual reading. Never presume God’s going to act outside of the ordinary.

I know a priest who wasn’t sure if he should become a Benedictine or Franciscan. He didn’t ask for signs. He took out a ruler and measured which was closest to his house on the map. He’s been a happy Franciscan for decades! God isn’t trying to complicate your life. You shouldn’t either.

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