Forget About Yesterday

My Joey loves to ask me questions about when I was 7. I think it’s so that he can be sure that he’ll be like me when he’s my age, and wants to check that he’s on the right track.

“Dad, was your favorite color blue?”

“Yes Joey.”

“Did you play ninjas?”

“Of course. I am one.”

“Did you kill squirrels when you were 7?”

“Joey you killed a squirrel?”

“Never mind Dad!”

One time he stopped me and asked, “Dad, how do you remember when you were 7?”

“I don’t know,” I said, “How do you remember yesterday?” and he said, “I don’t remember yesterday.”

Christian, YOU have a right to “forget” about yesterday! You can always start over. And your past mistakes never have to determine your future direction. If you missed that point, you just missed the point of the cross. St. Paul, who used to hunt down Christians to have them killed, but ended up penning most of the New Testament, wrote, “Anyone in Christ is a new Creation. The old is gone.”

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