Gravity Will Still Ground You

If an atheist were to take his claim that there’s no God to its logical conclusion, he’d have to admit that life is meaningless because it’s just a cosmic accident, and that people have no real worth. 

Think about it. If we have no soul, then we’re no more than matter! Springs and widgets that achieved self-awareness.

The atheist George Wald said, “Four hundred years ago there was a collection of molecules named Shakespeare which produced Hamlet.” And Bertrand Russell said that all of “Man’s achievements will ultimately be buried beneath the debris of a universe in ruins.” Of course, you might meet an atheist with a sense of purpose or moral standards, but that’s not because of their belief that life is an accident, and man is highly evolved space sludge. It’s because atheists were created with a purpose. They have a soul that’s drawn to truth, beauty, and goodness. And they’re made in the image and likeness of God. And you don’t have to believe in gravity to have it pull you to the ground.

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