Make a change

Jesus began his public ministry with a shocking word: “Repent.”

That might sound really negative when you think of that word, but if you look at the Greek that the Bible is written in, it’s translated as “metanoia”, and it means to change your mind, to change your thinking. I think God is allowing this to happen. This uncertain time that’s fallen upon the world is a call to repentance, a call to change our mind and our thinking. I don’t think God makes these things happen, but sometimes steps back and allows struggles to happen, specifically with a plan that something better might come about for our souls by the end of the struggle, no matter what happens.

How is He calling you to grow? How is He calling you to change your mind, to change your thinking? So often, we go through life on the rails and the train is going a million miles an hour. This might be the only time you get in your life where the train is off the rails and you get to rethink things. Am I living with the right priorities? Am I giving enough time to my wife and kids? Am I giving enough time to silent prayer? What’s important to me right now? 


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