Servants of God

Father Capodanno was a Marine Chaplain in the Vietnam war. The Marines loved him because he always put his life second to their needs. A battle broke out where 500 Marines were surrounded by 2,500 North Vietnamese Army. One man was about to be killed when Father Capodanno picked him up, threw him through the air into a ditch and saved his life. Another was hit with shrapnel, but when Father Capodanno got to him, a bubble of peace descended. All the man heard was his voice saying, “God is with us. Someone will get you out.”

Father Capodanno didn’t make it out that day. He was running to minister to a medic and was shot 27 times in the back. He got the Medal of Honor. The U.S.S. Capodanno was named after him. He’s been declared a “Servant of God” by the Catholic Church. His name is on the Vietnam War memorial, and the only way to see it is to kneel. 

The way he died is how we’re supposed to live.

Father Capodanno spent every moment he had, even when it was inconvenient or dangerous, serving the people around him. And not just serving them, but ministering to them. It’s not just about serving the homeless, offering to help a new mom with her baby, or picking up trash from a local park. It’s about showing the love of Jesus to the people and communities we’re serving. 

What are some ways you can minister to the people around you?

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