So, What’s the Deal with Mary?

Why do Catholics honor Mary? 

When Jesus had given us everything on the cross, he looked down and saw one last gift: his mom. And he told his beloved disciple, “behold your mother.” And he told his mother. “Behold your son.”

The beloved disciple was John. But it’s also YOU. Jesus gave you his mother, to be your spiritual mom. God didn’t save us as individuals, but as a family. And the most highly honored person in the family of the Church isn’t a super apostle, a great prophet, or a warrior-king, but a mom. Mary has been called the Arc of the New Covenant, Terror of Demons, Help of Christians, Queen of Heaven and Earth, but the most honored title she has, is Mother… Mother of God. And our Mother.

So, why do we honor Mary so much? Because she’s our spiritual mom!

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