The Freedom of Discipline

I’ve heard that once a horse is successfully trained, the first time it submits to its rider, it runs like never before and never again. It’s like a lifetime of raw energy and passion is finally directed, and it shoots like a bolt of lightning across the plain.

THAT’S freedom. THAT’S power. We don’t find it by doing whatever we want. We find it ourselves by submitting our hearts to a higher cause. We find it by living with discipline. 

Discipline doesn’t crush our passion and potential. It directs them. Whether you’re perfecting a sport, a musical instrument, a science, a skill with your hands, or whatever dream God’s planted in you: at the end of the day, perfecting our craft is about perfecting ourselves. That’s why events like the Olympics are so inspiring! We are witnessing years and years of discipline come to fruition as the athlete stands on the podium to accept their medal. It’s moving, because it takes so much work to get there. 

It’s what the spiritual life is about, too. Not about accomplishing all we can do, but becoming all we can be. How are you perfecting yourself today?

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